TAC – The Advertising Currency

TAC – The Advertising Currency

What’s an Industry Currency, you ask? Why, a token designed to be used only in a specific industry, of course.

That’s the vision of TAC, The Advertising Currency.

TAC is a currency that will become different types of TAC tokens, depending on the type of advertising it is used for. There will be billboard TACs, radio TACs, tv TACs, banner TACs, social media TACs, video TACs and more. Each type of TAC will have unique advantages specific to the ad medium it is used for.


Thru an ICO, they plan to raise up to $40,000,000, a full 35% of which will go toward securing contracts with major advertising companies. Another 35% will be set aside for contract renewal. The plan is to be able to renew each contract at least once.

US and UK representatives of Iheartmedia (formerly Clear Channel Outdoor Broadcasting) have already expressed possible interest. Other potential ad suppliers include Lamar Advertising and Billboards Inc.

OSMP-TAC Platform

TAC is also building a variation of the already powerful Open Source Marketing Platform (OSMP) which will also become an ad platformThe TAC platform, (OSMP-TAC) intends to gather real-time feedback from Advertisers, Publishers and Viewers of the ads.

Existing Ad Platforms Don't Allow Enough Communication
Existing Ad Platforms Don’t Allow Enough Communication

TAC intends to get Advertier and Publisher feedback thru the use of quick-loading, quick question and answer forms. Questions to both groups are generally geared toward improving targeting, so the right ad is put on the right website to reach the right audience.

To get viewer feedback, OSMP-TAC will employ quick interaction mechanisms which include a dialogue box, allowing ad viewers to leave actual personal feedback, encouraging them to say what they really think. Data will be stored inside the ad platform, visible to admin, publishers and advertisers.

Everything with TAC is contract-based. Publishers get paid based on a number factors indicating how good the website is.

Publishers are paid a flat rate because it allows them to be paid according to the effort they put into the ad medium, not how successful the ad is. In other words, publishers get paid according to how good the website is, not how many clicks or sales the ad gets.

As TAC points out, this takes into account the fact that an ad must be seen many times before it’s clicked on, so earning a click takes the concerted effort of many ads on many different websites.

TAC is planning many additional services on their platform, including a marketplace for contracted products and services.

Other Considerations

According to the intro video, they are initially launching on the Waves platform, until their Token System is ready. With a market cap of about $357,000,000 but their daily volume is only about $8.5 Million. If $40 Million is raised too quickly, it might stress the Waves system.

Don't Forget Security
Don’t Forget Security

I trust they are considering all potential security issues. How do they plan on securing $40+ Million of other people’s money? $40+ Million on a blockchain that has undergone minimal or even no real world testing and use is an obvious target.

My advice? Just use the Bitcoin blockchain and remove the possibility of a security breach. It might be a good time to take a deep breath and slow down. This is big. Don’t underestimate the potential here, and don’t undermine it from the start by launching before you’re ready. Really ready. Really.

Otherwise, I like the plan and the use-case. TAC and the platform concept together, seems like a winning idea. The categorized token allows flexibility for all kinds of ideas that I can’t even imagine. I can’t wait to see what they do with the potential it creates.

The ICO will be an indication of how well their own marketing efforts work. What follows will take a great deal of integrity, maturity, knowledge, patience, cooperation as the teams face a host of unknown surprises.

Best of Luck.  Really.